Some people are paid to be nice.  These are people in various professions who, as part of their jobs, are pleasant and helpful.  They are not being polite and friendly because they want to date you or be your friend.  They may not like you at all.  You won’t know how they really feel about you because they are paid to be professional and polite.  Most of us understand this concept and don’t think much of the interaction an hour later. On the other hand, there are people who cannot make this distinction so act as if these professional relationships are actual relationships–except they aren’t.  If you’ve ever worked in a setting that required you to interact with the public you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  What’s worse than misunderstanding a professional courtesy as a social relationship is to use the opportunity to be domineering.  Some people are outright abusive to those in professional or service positions.  There is a certain amount of rudeness (verbal abuse) a service professional will let slide and this window is what certain types of people take advantage of.  So either way–whether someone takes advantage of the situation to infer false intimacy or to enjoy a bit of abuse at someone else’s expense does not speak well of the individual.  Both of these traits are signs of an inability to make or sustain a healthy relationship in the real world so be careful of anyone who you notice treating an employee either too friendly or too rudely.  These are not people you are advised to develop a relationship ship with.  This post was written for February 26, 2017.  You may also like: Myths about Narcissism…


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