Much to the horror of my friends, at age of 43, I married by third husband.  We met online and had only known each other 2 months when we went to the court house and wed.  Because of all the opposition (as if we were children) we did not have a reception or public ceremony until our first anniversary.  On our first anniversary we had our wedding blessed by the church and had a reception.  We were married in 2005 and although the first couple of years were rocky (it was the third marriage for us both) I noticed several things about this marriage which was different than the first two which ended in bitter disappointment and heartbreak.  In this marriage:

  • We both put each other first
  • Each year we get closer and closer
  • We enjoy each others company
  • I don’t like doing things without my husband
  • I don’t have the need to have separate friends
  • I put his needs ahead of my own by choice
  • I want what’s best for him
  • It’s not a competition
  • We are friends
  • We stick together against anyone and everyone


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