Boredom is riskier than some people realize.  It can lead to all kinds of bad things.  When I am bored I overeat, shop online (spend money I would otherwise not spend) and sometimes I have to resist the unconscious tendency to instigate (pick a fight, initiate a crisis or try to solve a problem that isn’t there thereby creating a problem).  Boredom is a high risk factor for addictions and conflict.  Children fight more among themselves on a long, boring car trip.  Adults do the same thing if they aren’t careful!  People who struggle with addictions crave their substance of choice more often when they are bored.  Pay attention to feelings of boredom and when tempted to engage in a generally unhealthy or compulsive behavior-check to see if you are just bored.  When you are bored, look for productive or harmless ways of addressing it.  75 things you can do when you get bored:  https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/107555243/posts/29982


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