Part of me thinks it’s great that God knows the exact numbers of hairs on my head.  Another part of me wonders if God cares at all.  Do I really matter?  My life seems like an endless cycle of work, bills, a couple of days off and back to work again.  Round and round, year after year time rolls on and then one day I will die.  What has been the meaning of me or my life?  In 1 year I daresay nothing I’ve done today will amount to anything.  It may be meaningless in a week.   I think of the people I’ve known who are now deceased and it’s like they never really existed at all.  So it is with all of us.  People who have done great things are remembered for the great things they did.  People who did awful things are also remembered.  The average person, however, is here one day and gone the next.  I hold on to this clear statement that God does know me and I do matter–at least to God.  How I matter is yet to be seen.  I just trust that I do matter because I am here now and whether I am here tomorrow or not is irrelevant.  I matter today because I exist today.  That’s enough for me.


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