Since my goal is to post 1 blog for each day of the week (7 per week) I need an endless supply of ideas.  One blog topic idea I came up with recently is to use the news or other blogger posts to inspire a post of my own (a response or different perspective to what is being reported or posted).  (News, right now, is reporting much to respond to)!  Sometimes I agree with what I read by another writer and sometimes I disagree.  I never want to discourage another blogger so, instead, I write my own opinion that posts some time in the future.  I post about 3-4 months after I have written something so there is a significant lag time.  I never copy another blogger’s idea or content, by the way, and my own post is a completely different perspective than the inspiring post.  The inspiring post only triggers an idea of my own–just like conversation does.  Tip from another blogger:


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