Moderation is the key to healthy living.  We need balance to maintain stability and wholeness.  It’s important to have a healthy distribution of work, self-care, socializing, fun, spirituality, learning and alone time.  When things are out of balance it begins to affect our health and well-being.  The same is true for diet.  Carrots may be good for us but a diet of only carrots will lead to health problems.  Too much of anything–even if it’s good for us–is a bad thing.  We can overdo something to the point it becomes a harmful thing–a harmful thing.  Our talents can become curses when we overuse them.  Being helpful, for example, might seem like a good thing but we’ve all experienced someone whose help is not helpful (and is even a hindrance).  While work is good, working all the time will create a void in our life.  We will end up eventually getting sick and feeling isolated.  Fun is great but fun all the time is not only childish it’s unhealthy.  Again, moderation in all things leads to balance.  Balance is good for us.  Try it.  Another blogger says it well:  The healthy balance



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