Believing something does not make it true.  Not believing, on the other hand, does not make it untrue.  Children believe, with all their hearts, in Santa Clause at some point–that does not make Santa Clause exist.  The common belief use to be the world was flat–it did not make it so.  On the other hand, disbelieving something does not make it go away either.  One can refuse to believe their spouse is cheating on them–but they are.  We can refuse to acknowledge our shortcomings–yet they still evident for all to see.  When people say “I don’t believe that”, it’s as if to say, “therefore it is not true”.  We have a great capacity for deluding ourselves which is even encouraged now.  We are told “everyone has their own truth”.  What is the world does that mean?  Another version is “it’s true to me”.  Well–are we adults or are we still ego-centric toddlers who believe when we shut our eyes then whatever is there no longer exists?  I’m sorry there are things unpleasant in the world–I truly am.  I just don’t agree with defining reality no matter how nice it would be to be able to so.  It’s safer and saner to see the world the way it really is rather than how we wish it were.  I don’t like to believe someone is my enemy but pretending they are not is only going to aid them in their efforts to do me harm.  I can face what I have to face whether I like it or not.  Things can exist that I don’t like and I can still live my life in spite of it.  I don’t have to agree with things to make them so and when I disagree with something it’s possible that I am, in fact, wrong.  You may like: We’re all it


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