Some of the darkest periods of my life were also some of the best.  They were the best because something good came of it.  Something in me improved or I was able to make changes that ultimately improved my life.  Periods of brightness, I am alarmed to admit, never really have this same effect on me.  I don’t know why it often takes bad times to bring out the best in us or prompt us to take steps we would otherwise not be willing to take.  We stay in a hated job as long as it is tolerable.  We only take steps away from toxic relationships when they go too far.  Character is build by suffering and hardship rather than having no stress or worries.  Each time I pull through a down time in my life I promise myself I will learn from the good times instead of waiting for the bad times to teach me.  I try to be more thankful during good times.  I try to focus on improvement and values regardless.  Inevitably I become complacent during the good times and only remember my promise to myself when things go sour again!  Oh why can’t I learn what I need to know the easy way instead of the hard way!  Such is it to be human!  DW 1/2/17


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