Does anything hurt worse than betrayal?  Other than grief over the loss of a loved one, I don’t think anything is worse than betrayal.  Betrayal is deliberately and intentionally malicious.  The individual who has betrayed us set out to do that very thing.  It represents a complete violation of trust–on purpose.  When someone betrays us, they have gone out of their way to first earn our trust and then gain access to the weakest, most vulnerable parts of us and our lives.  It’s the lowest of the low.  We never really recover.  Because of the great trust we’ve placed in the person who has betrayed us, we question our own sense of reality, our ability to discern and our judgement.  If this person who was closest to us misrepresented themselves and we were unable to detect it, what makes us think that anyone we trust is not doing the same thing?  Recovering from such a blow is difficult at best and at worst impossible.  Anyone who has been the victim of betrayal understands this horrible feeling and the fact one may never trust again afterwards.  Without trust, it’s virtually impossible to have a close relationship with another person.  Being betrayed is being robbed of something vital to human affection and connection forever.

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