The color black contains all other colors. In other words, it takes all colors to make black.  Black matches or goes with every other color.  Black is solid, strong and dependable.  Why, then, is black used to represent evil or bad in literature in speech?  Who decided a “black mood” was a “bad” mood.  Why do bad guys where black?  Who decided black would represent bad?   I love black.  Wearing black helps me feel protected and safe.  Looking at black helps me feel soothed and calm.  Black is a good, basic color and can work for most anything.  Black is good for vehicles, clothes and personal items.  You don’t see many black houses though you do see a lot of black trimmed houses or black-roofed houses.  People who paint their rooms black are considered strange or depressed.  Why is that?  What’s wrong with a black room in reality?  What are your thoughts on this wonderful, versatile color? For more thoughts on black:  Fashionable quote of the week



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