The tendency to blame is a sign of emotional immaturity(in my opinion).  Have you ever noticed that some people immediately look for who or what to blame every time something goes wrong?  Why is this?  As adults, what difference does it make whose fault something is?  Of course, in legal situations, assigning responsibility is important.  However in day to day life, especially in relationships, blame really has no place.  If something gets broken then it’s broken.  Why waste precious moments pointing out who broke it?  For some, blame is a defense mechanism–a survival strategy from days gone by (childhood) and continues playing a prominent role.  For others it’s a stress response–when overwhelmed.  The blame-game is a hallmark of bad relationships–especially relationships which lack basic trust and closeness.  Do we really have to point out when someone is wrong or at fault?  Is it helpful in any way?  I don’t think so.  It’s far better to take responsibility for your own mistakes and remain silent on other people’s mistakes.  Another blog post on this topic:  Are you playing the losing game?




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