Time is valuable and I hate wasting it.  Being efficient and organized, I tend to look for the fastest way to accomplish a task.  I’ve found, however, that the fastest way to address an issue or problem is not always the best.  Sometimes taking more time to get something right or accomplishing the best possible outcome for the long term is the better way to go.  If people are involved (especially their lives or wellbeing), take care that you are not looking for short cuts that will lead to less than desirable results in the long run.  Rushing through a decision or situation may be counter-productive.  When choosing a service provider or coming up with a course of action, consider quality, value, and long term consequences before jumping into the fastest, easiest option.  As a social worker, I often find myself faced with an end-of-the-work-day problem to solve.  This is when I am most tempted to take the fastest, easiest way possible.  I’ve taught myself to slow down and take time of out the equation to ensure I am implementing the best possible strategy to resolve the situation.  When I commit myself to staying as long as it takes to come up with the right course of action rather than the quickest resolution, it works out better for me and, most importantly, for the person I am helping.  Also, from experience, the fast solutions do not generally work out and then the situation presents itself again in a few days (or even hours).  It’s better to do something right the first time–even if it takes longer.  The old adage “measure twice, cut once” really does apply.  Check out:  Take it Slow


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