Sometimes the item or brand that costs the most is not necessarily of the highest quality or value.  It’s important to shop around and look at more than just the price.  Used items can be less expensive while at the same time being of higher quality.  Shopping thrift stores, second hand shops, yard sales, flea markets and “for sale” adds (internet or paper) can yield great results!  In the United States, the quality of manufactured products has gotten lower over the years yet more expensive.  For example, if shopping for a table and chair set, you may find a solid wood set at a second hand store at a fraction of the price of a new one that is only wood veneer.  Also common household items like dishes and cookware are going to be plentiful at yard sales and thrift shops with the highest quality brands being no more expensive than the lowest quality brands.  When every coin matters and with the rising cost of everything, it pays to look into purchasing used to see if it works for your budget and lifestyle. I stopped purchasing new vehicles in 2001.  Not only am I able to buy more higher end vehicles than I was able to when I purchased new from the lot, I am able to get my vehicle for half the price or lower than I would have spent on a smaller, lower quality new model.  I’m also finding that thrift stores and second hand shops have items that are new (still in the original packaging) at up to 90% less than the item would be in a retail outlet.  If you are like me, the increase in the cost of living is outpacing my income at a rapid pace, I want to make every purchase achieve the maximum benefit and the lowest cost possible to me. Check out:  The fun in frugal and living debt free   and Buy Used


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