Universal truths, in theory, are common to all people and cultures.  While some truths are similar in almost all religions, it does not mean that all religions are the same.  Sure, all religions support some basic universal truths, there are still many areas of disagreement which is why so many different religions exist.  If all religions are “right” then they all are wrong.  People who believe “all religions lead to God” have no idea what any one religion stands for.  Some religions, for example, do not even recognize a “god”.   People worship anything from the sun to Satan (and everything in between and nothing at all).  It would be impossible for all religions to be correct at the same time.  People who believe “all religions are right” don’t really understand or believe any one religion at all.  A true adherent to any religion believes their own religion and recognizes their specific beliefs that contradict other religions.  A  Christian knows what makes them a Christian distinct from another religion.  So does a Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Satanist, Pagan or any other organized belief system you can name.  What are the universal truths anyway?  Most agree it’s not right to murder someone while there may be disagreements on situations where it’s acceptable to kill someone.  Most agree it’s not right to take something that does not belong to you although some believe it is understandable to steal food when you are hungry.  What other universal truths can you think of?  A quick search of the internet leads me to believe there aren’t very many (if any at all) truths that are universal to all religions or cultures.


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