If you are determined to hate someone, hate them based on facts rather than lies or propaganda.  Look them in the eye and call them by their name not their gender, race, ethnicity, or any other label that’s cool to hate in your crowd right now.  Tell them what they have personally done to you.  Stop hiding behind historical accounts you have never even read for yourself.  Forego quoting men of whom you know nothing except what others have told you.  Quit perpetuating media distortions that increase someone else’s profits at YOUR expense.  Cease playing into the political hands of those who are MOCKING you and who will NEVER be there to support you.  Treat others with dignity, respect and tolerance if that’s how you think people are supposed to treat each other.  Don’t expect others to treat you with love and understanding while you are bashing their head in or burning down their family business.  Don’t treat another person with prejudice while decrying prejudice.  Stop being a mindless pawn and read, learn, meet, research, explore, and decide for yourself.


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