We  get what we give.  We seem, though, to lack understanding of this universal law.  We dish out disrespect to others then complain because we, too, are being disrespected.  We are violent to protest violence.  We are intolerant in response to intolerance.  We hate to oppose hate.   The cycle continues over and over again because it is true: we reap what we sow.  It is not possible to sow discord and reap unity.  It is not possible to sow laziness and reap prosperity.  It is not possible to sow division and reap cohesiveness.  It is not possible to sow abuse and reap compassion.  It’s really not a hard concept.  It starts with us and we can make a difference by simply refusing to buy into the pattern.  We can refuse to take the bait so to speak.  We can decide to respond with respect, courtesy, compassion and kindness no matter how provoked we are.  Perhaps that one person may not treat us better but over time, as we sow things that are true, right and lovely, they will take root and grow. D Webb 2017



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