To always do what you are afraid of doing is the very essence of bravery, of courage, and of success.  If we stay in our comfort zone and never venture out to those uncomfortable areas that create stress and fear, then we may never really grow or achieve all we are capable of achieving.  Think about the inventions made and who was the first to test them?  Imagine being on the very first airplane or the very first rocket ship.  Imagine being the first to try a new food or recipe?  Who figured out which mushrooms were safe to eat?  Someone has to be first for a great achievement to take place (not to say eating mushrooms is a great achievement but you know what I mean).  It might as well be you!  Don’t let fear of failure keep you from trying something new or taking a chance on a great idea.  Sure, you may fail in many things.  However, every failures provides information and valuable tools for eventual success.  Sometimes we have to figure out what does not work to figure out what does work.  Challenge yourself to take some steps toward something frightening yet exciting.  Take the risk of embarrassment or failure to try something new.  Get outside of our own area of security and take advantage of the opportunities you have.  You may not always succeed but you certainly will not always fail either.  If you never try, then you have no chance of success.  DW 1/2/17


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