I am amused because I once was worried I would not have enough things to say in order to sustain a blog.  My goal of having one post a day is not only achievable but a low expectation.  I had to stop scheduling posts after 400 because, apparently, that’s the limit for scheduled posts.  Then I discovered drafts so on and on I go.  It’s an affliction I never knew I had.  My mind will not stop thinking and no matter how much I write to rid my brain of thoughts more tumble in.  These thoughts are not profound or quote-worthy.  They are just thoughts.  Some are pretty random (like when I wonder about sanitation in the middle ages).  Others are serious but unproductive (like my constant mental quest to figure out a way to eliminate homelessness).  Regardless, I do find blogging fun and helpful in getting the thoughts out of my head–even if just to make room for more!


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