Sometimes I am tormented by thoughts and memories of my past mistakes.  I begin to feel worthless and damned.  I’ve learned when I am mentally reminded of my mistakes (whether it’s my own mind bothering me or the whispering of some evil beyond myself I cannot say) I remind myself that my wrongs are as far as the east is from the west according to scripture.  (If you have a globe and try to move your finger horizontally to the left you quickly realize it’s a continuous circle and going east will never turn into going west like it would if you were running your finger vertically on the globe in which case north will become south and south will become north).  I repeat to myself a few times “my sins are as far away as the east is from the west” and I feel better.  Little by little the condemning thought of that particular thing goes away and never returns.  There are so many things to feel bad about so as I stop dwelling on one then there is always another to take it’s place.  Regardless, I fight back with the knowledge that I am redeemed and those things will never be brought up again to be used against me by God.  This I know and I don’t have to let these things drag me down.


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