Other people’s children shouldn’t go out in public or attend private gatherings.  Of course the children in MY family are exceptions–they KNOW how to act in public (or they are left at home).  It’s only OTHER people’s children I have a problem with.  Other people’s children are too loud, too messy, too rude, and too bouncy.  They can’t remain seated or engaged in quiet activity when it’s appropriate to do so.  They screech in restaurants, sneeze in the grocery store, and never cover their mouths when they cough (which always seems to be in MY vicinity).  They hang over the buffet with snot dripping from their noses.  They don’t wash their hands before plunging them into the chip bowl.  They break things that are not theirs and don’t even say “I’m sorry”.  They can’t understand the meaning of the word “no” and just look at you blankly when you say it.  You shouldn’t really hit other people’s children–it’s frowned upon.  Even dirty looks are not allowed any more.  Heaven help me if I offend someone who is letting their little monster ruin someone else’s evening in an expensive restaurant.  Who even wants to take their kids to a place like that?  Obviously you could afford a sitter.  But no-you just laugh, drink and talk while your children terrorize everyone else.  There really should be a law.  I’m in favor of no-kid rooms in restaurants (like we use to have no-smoking sections) or no-kid nights at the movies.  (This law should include adults who ACT like kids as well.)  If a kid cries in a movie and the parents don’t take them out promptly the parents should be required to refund EVERYONE’S ticket.  It’s just rude and selfish to sit there as if this deafening sound is not coming from YOUR lap.  These children are being taught that they are more important than everyone else on the planet and their wants take priority.  These children will grow up to be adults who think and act the same way.  They will grow up and not understand why they are being arrested, sued, or fired from a job.  They will be the ones who grow up and cry like babies when someone dares to express an opinion they don’t like or yield the parking space they want.  Oh wait–it’s already happened.  But seriously–if no one wants to be around your child as a child, no one will want to be around your child when they grow up to be adults.  You aren’t helping your child by refraining from discipline.  To discipline is to teach.  It’s your job as a parent to teach your child.  If you don’t then others will eventually–and long over due lessons are always harder to learn.


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