I was against DIVORCE–until I needed one.  I still don’t favor divorce although I understand it happens and sometimes is very, very necessary.  I agree with the need to have a choice to divorce or not to divorce whether it’s right or wrong.  I’m glad I got divorced.  Living with divorcing is 1000 times better for me than living the rest of my life in a horrible mistake.  Mistakes in marriage are not life sentences nor should they be.  I accept I screwed up and moved on.  I’d rather acknowledge being wrong in who I married and proceed in correcting that mistake.  So, divorce is wrong to me AND I gladly chose to be wrong!

I don’t agree with alcohol abuse but I am guilty, guilty, guilty of abusing alcohol.  Oh the stories and embarrassments!  Do I agree with prohibition?  Absolutely not.   Do I still drink?  Sometimes I do although I have not been intoxicated in decades and probably never will be again.  Does tipsy count?  Never mind.

I don’t understand homosexuality any more than I understand why some people like the taste of root beer.  Do I think it’s a horrible sin punishable by damnation to hell forever?  Of course not.  The people I know and love who are gay  demonstrate the fruits of the Holy Spirit better than I do so who am I to judge?  Besides, my personal history is not something I would be able to adequately explain either.  Don’t even ask!  Suffice it to say that, yet again, I am not in a position to judge who other people love and sleep with.

I feel the same way about abortion.  I don’t agree with abortion but I do agree with people being allowed to choose for themselves.  Many people who have had abortions don’t necessarily agree with them.  I’ve never had an abortion but I have been in the position of having to choose.  What this gets down to is free will and free choice.  Besides, if I really believe my own religion (and I do) these babies go straight to the arms of Jesus and who is to say they would have made that choice if they had grown to adulthood.  The law of averages would dictate that some would choose Christ and others would have rejected Christ.  I believe 100% of aborted babies go to heaven and that is a great statistic!

Do I believe in capital punishment?  Not really but I am awfully glad it happens!  There are some people I am so thankful are removed from the gene pool.  Yes, I am a hypocrite (I’ve already admitted that in another post).  I believe in the sanctity of life yet I have to admit there are some people I am glad are no longer living to prey upon other people.

What this tells me is that it’s possible to disagree with something while at the same time agreeing with the ability for each individual to decide.  We’ve all done things we, on principle, disagreed with.  The simple example of choosing to smoke cigarettes comes to mind.  Most people who smoke agree it’s not healthy and would not encourage someone they love to start smoking.  On the other hand, they choose to continue to smoke for their own personal reasons (which are no one else’s business).   When I smoked I considered myself a non-smoker who smoked (whatever).

I, obviously, have a hard enough time running my own life.  It’s not my place to run someone else’s.  The message today is the same as others I’ve given:  behaviors are behaviors, people are people and none of us are in a position to judge another person.  All of us are in authority to choose for ourselves the behaviors we engage in whether we agree with them or not.

If behaviors decided our ultimate and eternal fate then there would have been no need for grace and salvation.  If Adam’s fall from grace cursed the whole earth and human race then Jesus’s sacrifice saved the whole earth and human race.  You really can’t accept one without the other–it’s not logical.  My need to atone for my sins (or call them mistakes or choices if you want) does not exist.  What does exist is my need for Jesus in my life because it is only through Jesus that I have any hope at all.  Jesus is my friend, my Savior and my redeemer and my acceptance of Jesus is really the only choice that matters.

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