The idea swirling around in the media these days is that if you disagree with someone then you must hate them.  While it seems very noble on the surface (the appearance of standing up for some group that is marginalized) in reality it’s a twisted version of conditional love.  It perpetuates the idea that love and acceptance is contingent on behavior (specifically on behavior I agree with or like).  The real outcome of this idea–the idea that you must agree with someone to love them–is permission to hate a person or group of people unconditionally–those people you disagree with or whose behaviors you dislike.  No one gives it much thought if you agree with the sentiment being expressed at the time. It’s only those who you disagree with who are hated and vilified.  Examine this concept further and you will find the roots of genocide.  Only by vilifying a group of individuals can you breed hate and hate will eventually lead to violence and death.  Look around at all the examples of the groups of individuals we are being encouraged to hate.  Anytime people are disregarded as individuals and are lumped together as one group to be hated or loved we have moved from the rational to the irrational.  How is it even possible for every single person of a specified group to be exactly the same?  Think of all the groups you may be representative of and then compare yourself to other members of this group.  Are you exactly like every other member of this group?  Stereotypes are incredibly dangerous for the human race.  While it’s true we all can find examples of individuals who have some characteristics of a stereotype it does not in any way prove a stereotype.  Every person is an individual.  All individuals have good behaviors and bad behaviors.  Behaviors do not define people’s worth or value.  Love or hate of behaviors does not justify or dictate love or hate of individuals.  It is perfectly logical to love someone without agreeing with them or liking their behaviors. If the human race is going to move forward in civilization it is imperative we, as individuals, stop perpetuating false beliefs that reinforce unconditional hate and conditional love.  Instead, begin to implement the concept of unconditional love and acceptance which means:  I love you as a person and accept you because you are human and it is not connected to your behaviors.  All humans are worthy of love because they are human–not because they’ve earned it in some way.

  • Stop sharing posts that spread hate of people.
  • Distinguish between behaviors (which you may dislike) and individuals (who are worthy of love, patience, understanding, forgiveness and mercy simply because they are human–no other requirement necessary).
  • Educate when given the opportunity to correct misinformation.
  • Give personal examples that shed light on dangerous stereotypes.
  • Start treating people as individuals and withhold opinions until you have spent time with this person to learned about them.
  • Challenge faulty stereotypes with specific and personal examples.
  • Avoid broad, global, all-encompassing generalizations that group people into hated categories.
  • Stop using labels when talking about people (we use to call this name-calling).
  • If it’s not helpful and unifying don’t do it.
  • If it breeds hate be careful–avoid it.
  • The only way to overcome the evil in this world is to fight it head on with the power of love, light and truth.
  • Celebrate, encourage, enjoy the vast differences among us while at the same time strengthening our similarities and common ground.
  • Remember-we all are members of a huge number of groups and no matter who you meet there is at least one group you share.
  • Stop focusing on the areas of disagreement and respect each other regardless.
  • Use basic manners and politeness.
  • Stop teaching your children to hate people they’ve never even met.



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    Me, I don’t hate anything living.
    You hit the proverbial nail on the head with, ‘Look around at all the examples of the groups of individuals we are being encouraged to hate. Being encouraged, the key words, a good, no, a perfect example, Trump condoning hate, bad treatment of arrestees, war, in fact anything that goes against the edstablishment, all of which encourages his followers to hate. Do I hate him? No, but I do think he is a very sad man, in the wrong job, and should be replaced. Sadly there are many more leaders of the same ilk, in fact, some are a lot worse, like misinforming their public, or banning world news altogether. A very sad state of affairs.

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