It gets very upsetting to read the news and see all the mean, hateful things going on around us now.  Lately I get the impression that civilization is going backwards and division, contention and disunity are being actively promoted–because they are.  I’ve never in my life felt so discouraged about the state of race relations in America than I am now.  Given I grew up in the 1970’s in the American deep south this is saying a lot.  Long after segregation legally ended it was still a matter of fact in the rural south.  I remember my aunt’s restaurant in the early 1970’s that still had segregated dining rooms.  I remember “colored only” bathrooms.  I remember two distinct towns in the same town side by side–one white town and one black town.  At least growing up I knew it was wrong and I believed my generation was going to change things–to be different.  I thought we were.  But now I know the evil was just covered up–camouflaged.  The cruel hatred is there as strong and deeply rooted as ever before–even worse than before.  But that’s OK because it really isn’t a race issue.  It’s a heart issue.  Having a mean, cruel heart crosses all superficial characteristics including race and religion.  It’s not an “us or them” between races, cultures or even religions.  It’s an “us or them” between those whose heart is kind and those whose heart is mean.   I take comfort that in the end good will prevail–it always does.  People who share kind hearts recognize each other immediately and those with mean hearts hate us all regardless of skin tone or professed religious beliefs.  It won’t last forever.  2016


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