I don’t pretend to know all about God, Christianity or Jesus.  What I do know is that Jesus came to help us not to hurt us.  I find the trinity almost impossible to wrap my head around.  Again, I know Jesus came to clarify  not to confuse.  Looking at everything Jesus said or did while on earth (and there are many references outside the Christian Bible), he did not speak unkindly, he did not condemn, he did not criticize and he did not try to force, humiliate, manipulate or scare anyone into believing in him or following him.  He never asked twice.  He never went back to a single person who rejected him.  He did not ask anyone to repeat a special phrase or ritual.  No one had to take classes for him to accept them.  It was so easy to be accepted by Jesus.  Look at all the examples especially the thief on the cross.  Very few words were spoken but Jesus knew the thief believed he was who he said he was.  It’s easy to get confused when listening to others preach or teach.  I’ve come to suspect that the vast majority speaking for God or Jesus are really only speaking for themselves.  It’s not hard or complicated as many would lead us to believe.  There is no check list of criteria.  Look to Jesus and if you don’t know or understand just ask and he will reveal himself to you.  Jesus is on our side.  That’s all I know and that’s all I need to know.  webbwisdom.com 2016


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