“You reap what you sow”–that’s what my mother always said.  This universal truth is about consequences and we can expect to have negative results from negative acts.  On the other hand, our positive efforts will eventually yield positive effects.  It does, sometimes, seem as if our good is repaid by evil–at least by some people we try to help.  Ultimately, can take comfort that sooner or later our efforts will yield positive fruit and continue planting good seeds as often as we are able.  The good and positive things can and will overcome the bad and negative ones–eventually.  There will come a day when the weeds and thorns will be removed.  Then the lovely plants and flowers will grow and blossom unhindered.  What mother was trying to say was that all actions have consequences whether good or bad and that every single thing we say or do matters–and it does (one way or another).  webbwisdom.com 2017.