My best friends over the years are listed here.  Tell me about your best friend or friends in the comments!

Todd (age 4 & 5)–we had so much fun and I remember his high topped tennis shoes to this day.

Joanne (age 6-10)–her home was like a children’s wonder land, she had a pink canopy bed with white French provincial furniture, she had a tinker bell watch, she had a talking bird (real one) and a play house like a studio apartment

Eddie (age 11-12)–we were buddies and I still have the little brass monkey we found digging in the dirt; we thought it was buried treasure

Lisa (age 12 to present)–she was the voice of reason and still is; she encouraged me when I needed it and she set me straight when I needed that too; a truly good friendship that has stood the test of time

Angelia (7th and 8th grade)–we had fun at school and she gave me Dingo (the best dog I ever had)

Donna (9th grade)–the coolest friend I ever had; she went to sleep with her stereo playing which I thought was just awesome (except I couldn’t sleep with music playing)

Joanie (freshman in college)– a happy, positive and uplifting person to be around; she ended up being a nurse and I know she is a great one; I lost contact and have not been able to pick it back up again

Carol (junior and senior year of college)–I looked up to her because she made straight A’s and grew up very poor

Joy (early 20’s)–we had a lot of fun and I enjoyed doing things with her, in the end she was not what she seemed and I felt the friendship was fake although I did not realize it at the time; a huge disappointment

Renee (40’s)–we also had a lot of fun and I don’t know exactly what happened; just one day we were friends and the next day we weren’t




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