In nature, bad weather sometimes comes without warning.  A storm crashes through in great fury only to leave behind a clean brightness over the rubble–a chance to begin again.  As in nature so goes it with life.  We have many storms–some bigger than others.  Sometimes the damage left behind is minimal-a tree limb in the driveway or less trust in those we barely know.  Other times the impact is devastating–lost homes, lives, relationships, health and faith.  What can we do but endure, get up, re-build and go on living?  To do less is to die a living death.  As long as life is left in our body–as long as there is breath–there is hope.  Hope is what leads us forward. Only with hope is hardship meaningful and motivating.  Hope allows us to take those horrible storms we’ve survived, learn something that will be helpful and make something where there once was nothing but carnage.  Written for in 2016.  You may also like:  The Butterfly Effect



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