The worst thing a person can say is “I don’t care”.  “I hate you” is not as bad in my opinion.  Any strong emotion means something matters in one way or another.  The biggest insult then is no response at all–indifference or apathy.  I’d rather some one be openly angry toward me than to ignore me.  I’d respect someone more who said, “I don’t like you” than to say “I have no opinion one way or another”.  That’s just me and others may not feel this way.  I don’t like feeling invisible or of no account–as if I did not matter at all.  If my presence in your life had no impact at all then I am nothing, nobody–completely insignificant.  It’s hard but I do resist the urge to create a problem or difficulty just to remind people I can make a difference–even if it’s a bad one (just saying).  Written for in 2016.  You may also like:  Oblivious



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