Anxiety–a feeling of tenseness laced with underlying fear–is physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.  Physically it creates tense muscles, sick feelings in the stomach, inability to relax, difficulty sleeping and various stress chemicals in the body that damage our health.  Emotionally it makes us fearful, worried, suspicious and ill at ease.  Spiritually if affects our faith and ability to believe in something greater than ourselves.  Mentally we are unable to think and our minds are filled with thoughts that increase the anxiety and interfere with our ability to act.  Anxiety produces nothing helpful.  For some people, anxiety is present as early as can be remembered–maybe at birth or before. Other people learn to be anxious by being around others who are anxious or by being exposed to real dangers and stressful situations.  For some, anxiety is a constant presence at some level–some days mild and other days severe but never gone.  It can be helpful to use mental redirection techniques, relaxation techniques and all kinds of strategies to keep it as low as you can.  Some choose not take medications now although may have in the past.  The goal is to keep it at a low enough level to be manageable and to cause as little negative impact as possible.  The worst part for many is the problems with sleep.  Even medication do not help consistently.  Sometimes it’s the mind that won’t shut down and other times it’s the body that won’t relax.  Either way it’s unpleasant.  This post was written for in October 2016.  You may like:  Accepting Anxiety


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