Pets provide companionship, acceptance and purpose.  People talk to their pets and consider their pets family.  Pets have been shown to provide real health benefits (lowers blood pressure and decreases depression or loneliness).  Pet therapy programs are gaining wide-spread recognition.  Pets love us and need us.  Many people can connect with their pets more than they can connect with people.  One of my favorite pets of all time was Dingo.  Dingo was given to me by my friend, Angelia.  Dingo was intelligent and loyal.  She only had to notice us welcoming someone to our home once and she forever recognized that person and their vehicle.  She would never bark at these individuals when they drove up.  She hardly ever barked at all and when she did you knew something was amiss.  She was the standard by which all other dogs are measured by me.  She was my pet in the 1970’s and I still think of her from time to time.  This is the only picture I have of her.  Written for 10/22/16.  Check out:  Must Love Dogs


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