I have one nice thing I am trying to keep nice.  It’s this antique table which, when purchased, was in mint condition.  It has not one single scratch (I hope).  I put a plastic cover on it to protect it.  I realized once my husband had used the table as a cutting board to cut out dumplings.  I asked him not to do that as the table meant a lot to me and I really, really wanted to keep it scratch free.  My husband planned to make chicken and dumplings on another day and I specifically asked him not to use the table as a cutting board.  As you can see, he did.  I think of this situation from many angles.  Is it a lesson in not valuing material things?  I thought about selling the table so it can’t be a source of conflict in my marriage.  I don’t believe in a “winner” and a “loser” in a loving relationship.   There really does not seem to be a suitable surface for rolling out pastry I noticed as I looked around for alternatives to using the table.  I researched and found a pastry mat (it’s huge).  I ordered it and after a few days my husband and I were able to talk about what happened calmly.  Hopefully, with the mat, the table will be protected.  It is obvious he tried hard to protect the table.  Written for in October 2016.  You may also like: Love from burnt toast



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