I do believe in angels–except they aren’t all good.  I think there are good angels and bad angels–just like people.  Angels, always being beautiful, can deceive us easier than people.  I mean, if they approached us with an evil laugh, wicked face and dark beams shooting out of their heads–we would know to be wary.  That’s now how it works.  Angels are masters of deception and can come across as sweet and benevolent.  Everything and everyone that is pleasing to the eye is not necessarily good.  How can you tell which angels are good and which ones are bad?  The same way you can with people.  Are they a good influence or a bad influence?  Are they trying to get you to do something that makes you a bit uneasy or uncomfortable?  Are they building you up or tearing you down?  Are they contradicting what you know to be true-truth?  Are they encouraging you to do something that is harmful for you?  I believe angels can interact in the physical world.  I believe they can eat, drink, sleep and interact with the environment.  I believe we see and talk to angels in the real world (not wispy dreams or visions).  I believe angels are shape-shifters.  I believe some animals are angels (and I know the Bible does not support this believe at all).  I can’t prove any of this and I can’t point to something written somewhere to say “this is why I believe this”.  It’s just what I believe.  I believe I have encountered angels (at least one).  I’ve probably interacted with many–good and bad ones.  Have you?  What do you believe about angels?  Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.  This post was written for in October 2016.  You may also like:Supernatural Secrets


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