America is not perfect and I still think it’s the best place to be on earth.  I’ve never lived anywhere else so I’m biased (or ignorant–whichever the case may be).  I have researched various places to go.  When I think about everything that’s important to me:  weather, religion, safety, economy and opportunity, I cannot find another place that would be better than here.  I am distressed, sometimes, with the way the country is going (more intolerance for religious differences, less value for human life in all it’s forms, more power for government, less respect for freedom of speech, changing interpretation of law and the constitution as it suits those in authority–I could go on and on).  I am concerned about the very real possibility of another civil war–a race war this time.  I am saddened because we seem to be going backwards in many ways–especially with respect to race relations, religious freedom and freedom of speech.  On the other hand–there is still no where that I know of that’s better.  America is flawed.  Americans are rebellious, arrogant and stubborn.  It’s the greatest country on earth and the greatest people on earth live here–in my “humble” opinion.  10/15/16


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