Encourage yourself and encourage others.  Now’s the time to reach out and help someone else who is struggling.  You may not be where you want to be completely but you certainly aren’t where you use to be either.  Help someone else who is trying to do it on their own or beating themselves up with rules, punishments and perceived failures.  Help someone else learn what you’ve learned.  Give someone else permission to be human–to fail, to succeed, to try and to keep going.  Be a friend, a mentor and an voice of reason.  Be a spring of water in the desert.  It’s nice to be able to say something good for a change and be able to give someone else hope.  Even if you just decide to write about it in a journal or post on an anonymous website once in a while–it will matter.  There are so many ways to help another person you will never run out of opportunities.  Go to the store and say “hello” to someone.  It’s not hard to be a light for someone else.  It doesn’t take much.  People don’t really need much to feel a little better about themselves or their life.  All of us have something to give to this world–to another person, to a cause or to an animal.  Pick up trash in a park.  It does not matter what you decide to do but at this stage it’s time to start giving back a little to the world you live in.  It’s time to make something somewhere a little better.  It’s time to make a tiny difference.  Look around and find something that you can do to help, contribute or made a difference one way or another.  You will feel better and at the same time someone else will be a little better for it too.  Be the encouragement for someone else you always wish had been there for you.  While you’re at it, encourage yourself too!  You may also like


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