As you try new and different ways to cope or avoid instead of using substances or addictive behaviors, you’ll find some things work better than others.  You’ll adapt your skills and techniques to your lifestyle and preferences.  You’ll keep adding new and different methods and tools as you learn more or as old ones aren’t needed any more.  You’ll keep learning and trying different things.  You’ll adapt to life as life changes and things happen.  Little by little you’ll get use to things that bothered you before.  You’ll not be as upset by things that use to upset you.  You’ll get stronger and more resilient.  You’ll cope and adapt.  You’ll grow.  Life changes and you change with it.  What was helpful last month may not be as helpful this month.  What did not help two weeks ago may very well help today.  Time keeps going and so will you.  Continue learning strategies and techniques.  Change things around from time to time just so you can keep it interesting.  Keep yourself from getting in a rut or bogged down in the same old same old.  Don’t feel like you have to box yourself in to a specific coping skill or pattern.  Do what works and find more things that work.  There are endless possibilities for strategies and coping methods for you to use.  Learn a new hobby.  Try something different.  It’s a new world for you without substances or addictive behaviors so begin to explore and enjoy.  You are discovering things for the first time now.  Life is new.  Life is different.  Enjoy it. Webb 2017



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