Most of what we’ve done so far has been mental and internal work.  Now you can decide to take some action if you want.  It’s not mandatory (nothing is mandatory in this process).  If doing something that requires action is something you believe might be helpful for you then do it.  Action can take many forms.  You may decide to attend meetings or join a group at this stage.  You might begin going to therapy or seeing a doctor.  You may want to volunteer somewhere just to get you moving forward or getting involved in a cause of some kind.  You could work in your yard or take a walk.  Action means to do something–anything.  It may be as simple as sitting outside a few minutes each day–watching the birds.  Getting out and about is helpful for some.  Others may want to stay home and do a little exercise.  Taking some action in your own behalf or to help yourself is a good step in any process.  Beginning to understand we are not completely helpless and there are things we can do to help or better our lives or our situation is empowering.  We are not 100% dependent on others doing things for us or taking action to help us.  Feeling helpless and at the mercy of others is hardly a good feeling.  While we cannot always predict or control what others do (can we ever) we can take action on our own.  Too many people sit around feeling sorry for themselves and waiting for some one or something to swing by and save them.  No one is likely to do that.  If you are going to have a better life it’s really up to you to do something for yourself.  While you may be entitled to all kinds of things from others or from the world, don’t sit around waiting for life to do the right thing by you.  If someone really owes you something begin taking legal steps to collect it.  If justice is due look into what options are available for pursing it through the proper channels.  Taking action to help yourself will help you whether the action is successful or not.  It’s not the outcome that matters it’s the effort of taking action that is helpful. The more action you take in your own behalf the stronger you will feel.  Read something to improve your mind or knowledge.  Research a subject.  Make a call.  Anything at all will help so long as you are doing something–anything–that helps you in some way or another.  Bake a cake.  Really–it doesn’t matter, just DO SOMETHING!


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