I brain-stormed and eventually came up with 365 subjects.  I came up with these very quickly without trying to figure out what exactly I would write about.  My thought was to have 1 full year of daily subjects to write about.  After the year I would simply start over.  Each topic, of course, has countless possibilities.  I created a spread sheet with the subjects and several date columns.  I planned to keep up with the date I write about each topic so I will know where I left off when it’s time to write again.  I stored this data base on an on-line server (there are many free ones to choose from).  This way if my computer crashes or I get a new computer, I don’t have to worry about losing my data base.  As an extra precaution I printed a hard copy.  At first I just stared at the first subject which did not trigger a single idea to write about.  Then I decided to go ahead and get my quote ready for my picture to accompany the as-yet unwritten post.  Bingo!  Once I found a quote on the subject and created the picture (meme) to go with my blog post the actual writing of the post started to flow.  I’ve moved on to the second topic now in the exact same way.  Not to say I won’t have spontaneous blog posts or share various other things on my blog.  However, with this new strategy I don’t think I ever have to worry about running out of something to write about!  October 2016


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