Only pick one resolution to work on at the time. Don’t worry about a timeframe for completion–if it takes one year or two that’s OK.  When you have completed one (to your satisfaction) then select another one.  The idea is to work on lifestyle or thinking patterns that, once changed, will affect many areas of your life.  Rather than working on surface things (which will have to be tackled one by one) you work on underlying or root cause issues which then will work like a domino effect and automatically address many things at once.  Please add to the list.

  • Work on not wanting anything you don’t already have–use “I shall not want” any time you see something you want to buy or are thinking about buying
  • Start a savings account no matter how small and make regular deposits–set it up as automatic deposits if you can
  • Work on not talking about anyone who is not present in the conversation–even if it’s good or true
  • Read the Bible every day–use one that’s easy for you to read and understand or a study Bible (or another inspirational, motivational or self-help book if you don’t believe in the Bible)
  • Work on eating mostly food or drinking mostly drinks that have nutritional value–try to get the biggest amount of nutrition possible per meal or drink
  • If you have health problems read your Bible 3 x day like taking a dose of medication (this one is from Derek Prince)
  • Work on not judging at all–this mean rating something either good or bad–not judging means no assessments, conclusions or assumptions (this one may take more than 1 year)
  • Work on completely listening when someone talks to you (no thinking about what you are going to say); refer to writings by Albert Elis for more information on this philosophy
  • Work on not minding the thing that bothers you the most (increasing your tolerance level for things you hate–like being interrupted, sudden changes, etc…).  This does not mean you accept or agree, it’s just that you are turning the volume down on how much you let it bother you (also from Albert Elis)
  • Work on never saying or thinking anything negative about yourself
  • Work on never saying “I can’t stand it” or “I can’t handle it” (Albert Elis)
  • Work on never giving an immediate answer if asked to do something and if pressed for an immediate answer always say “if I have to answer now then I have to say no”
  • Work on being able to say “no” and stick to it
  • Work on not giving or responding to guilt trips
  • Work on being kind in all circumstances
  • Work on assuming positive intent of others (even when it’s not necessarily so)
  • Work on seeking God’s perfect will rather than God’s permissive will (if you believe in God)

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