There is no moral solution to the problem of hate in the world that involves hate.  Hate is driving hate.  People object to hate by hating.  People fight against hate by hating.  Hate is breeding hate.  It is spreading like the evil cancer it is.  People are taught to believe entire groups of people are to be hated because it’s somehow supposed to be admirable to hate those who hate us.  We are taught to hate for the sake of respect or identity.  We are taught we are better than someone else because someone else thinks they are better than us.   If we don’t like being hated yet hate others then we are the problem—personally—and are responsible for the growth of hate.  Hate crosses all barriers.  Hate disregards evidence that contradicts hate.  Moral people of any culture will never have respect for an individual that advocates hate.   The solution to hate is not more hate.  There really are only two sides—the morally right side and the morally wrong side.  Those individuals on the right side are people who understand that right is right and wrong is wrong regardless of race, gender, lifestyle, religion or background.  If we are going to take our world back let’s be clear on who or what we are taking our world back from.  The enemy is hate and people who hate.  It’s time for those who are against hate to stand up against hate of any kind for any reason.  There are laws in the universe that supersede cultural, regional or national laws.  One universal law is that hate begets hate.   As long as we hate then we are the problem.  The real solution is to look within our own heart, recognized our own hatred and work to overcome the evil within ourselves.  Only then will progress truly be possible.  As long as hate dictates then evil wins. (Diane Webb 9/3/16 webbwisdom.com)


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