Schools could better  prepare students for life as adults.  Knowledge is better understood and used when it has relevance to real life.  I still wonder sometimes why I had to learn the vast majority of what I spent 13 years learning from Kindergarten through my senior year in high school.  Here is a list of what I believe we need to know before we graduate from high school.  I see no reason to waste our childhood learning things we don’t need while waiting until after we are adults to learn what we really need to know.  Many people will not be able to attend college and if we are going to provide a free public education for children then it at least needs to benefit that child.  Every child, if educated well, would have basic skills needed to function and earn a decent living for themselves.  Every individual needs to know how to get along in the world they live in including how to get along with others they may not understand, agree with or even like.

  • Communication (verbal, written, personal, social and professional)
  • Practical mathematics (money, calculating, budgeting, accounting)
  • Finances (personal, investments, debt, retirement, banking)
  • Health and wellness (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
  • Problem solving skills (all areas of life including scientific method)
  • Relationship skills (including conflict management and social skills)
  • Technological skills (typing, computers, phones, internet, machines, electronics)
  • Historical lessons with emphasis on benefits to society, progress and lessons learned
  • Paths to self-sufficiency, independence and prosperity (general job and work skills)
  • Specific skills leading to actual employment or ability to earn a living (different options based on aptitude, interest, opportunities and community)
  • Certification and licensure courses (classes that lead to actual credentials)





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