A bad week for me is not when something bad happens.  A bad week for me is when I have to set an appropriate boundary with someone in order to stand up for myself in some way.  This mostly involves declining to do something someone wants me to do or expects me to do at work.  These are usually unreasonable requests yet it bothers me for several days when I say “no”.  I’m getting better at it but it’s still difficult.  I wish people would not ask me to do unreasonable things or expect me to comply with every request–especially when it involves doing their job not mine.   What I don’t understand is why I end up feeling like I’ve done something wrong.  What I do understand is that I feel worse for longer when I allow others to take advantage of me.  I’m learning that I have to be willing and able to say “no” if I want to have a healthy and less stressful life.

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