I hate to exercise and I know it’s important to get exercise.  To find an exercise routine or physical activity I could actually enjoy and keep up has been a challenge.  I do like to walk and it’s not always easy to find the time or weather to walk.  I walk when I shop so shopping works except there is not always time or money to shop as a regular exercise routine.  I’ve had numerous work out machines and videos.  I use these about one day in a row.  I finally found something I think I can and will do–strength exercises!  I searched specifically for strength exercises for women over 50.  I found an article on Prevention Magazine site which has 10 exercises to tone the whole body, build up strength and has some cardiovascular benefit.  The article is entitled: 10 BEST STRENGTH TRAINING MOVES FOR WOMEN OVER 50.  So far I’ve been able to complete these exercises 6 days a week and I also look forward to them!  I use 5 pound hand weights.  The exercises included in this routine are:

  1. Squat to Chair
  2. Reverse Lunge
  3. Seated Overhead Press
  4. Standing Calf Raise
  5. Bent Over Row
  6. Superman
  7. Chest Fly
  8. Dumbbell Pullover
  9. Biceps Hammer Curl
  10. Basic Ab





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