I once had a pair of very expensive designer eye glasses.  They were awesome!  I loved them!  I thought I was the height of fashion and maybe I was when I first got these glasses–in the early 1990’s.  They were red framed and huge–covered the top half of my head.  I called them my “Sally Jessy Raphael glasses”.  After a while they were no longer in style.  My teenaged daughter told me it was time to get new glasses.  I refused.  These were the nicest glasses I’ve ever had.  I went on wearing these glasses from a previous decade while I conducted groups for a Mental Health Day Treatment Program.  I was leading a group for people with chronic mental illness (mostly schizophrenia).  There was a lady in this group who experienced some level of psychosis most of the time.  She was very nice and very sad.  During one group the topic was coping with depression.  People were sharing some of the ways they coped.  This lady shared her coping strategy “when I am depressed, I just think about Diane’s glasses and I laugh”.   I’m glad I kept those glasses so long!

Those glasses

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