Just by looking at me or being around me at work, at church or in typical social situations, there are things you would not guess about me.  Here are just a few.

  • I am shy and have severe social anxiety.
  • I once trained to be a jockey.
  • I’ve won a pig catching contest.
  • I don’t like to dress up.
  • I like classical music.
  • I like hip-hop music.
  • I don’t like home décor.
  • I can sew.
  • Giraffes are my favorite animals.
  • I talk to my pets.
  • I got a tattoo when I was 41.
  • I started smoking when I was 38 (stopped when I was about 43).
  • Sometimes I feel so sad inside I think my heart will burst from it.
  • I don’t really like many people although I get along with most everyone.
  • I am very much a loner and like it that way.
  • Time is more important to me than money.
  • One of my favorite pets of all time was a huge salamander.
  • I have an underlying sense of fear that hardly ever goes away.
  • I never feel good enough and gave up trying to be years ago.

would not guess.JPG



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