I am a hypocrite!  A hypocrite is someone who behaves in a way that contradicts what they say they believe.  I’m not proud of it and I am trying to do something about it.  Every now and then I am reminded of how far I still am from being the person I say I want to be.  A great example is once before work I stopped at the grocery store to load up on supplies for work.  I went straight to the coffee and candy aisles.  I loaded up on tons of coffee, candy and chocolate.   It was at least $30 worth or more.  Then I went to the checkout.  While standing in line I looked over a rack of inspirational books. One caught my eye.  It was a Christian book on Spiritual discernment.  I looked at the price ($14.99).  I agonized over whether to make this purchase.  I mean, $14.99 is a lot of money for a book that I’m only going to read once.  I piously decided to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit.  I prayed about whether I should buy this book or not.  I wanted to be a good steward.  I got an answer quickly and clearly.  “You didn’t ask me about the coffee and candy so why are you asking me about this book?”  I bought the book!


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