I wonder who decides that clothing is supposed to match or even that it has to match at all.  Who decides what colors go with what colors?  Who decides white is only to be worn certain times of the year?  Who decides to call things what they are called.  Who decides what’s “in style”?  Who decides what is for boys and what is for girls?  Who decides what is right and what is wrong in a culture?  Who decides what wine you are supposed to drink with what food?  Who decides you can’t eat dessert first?  Who decides that a hair style can’t be worn anymore?  Who decides which animals are OK to use for food?  Who decides what mind altering substances are OK while others are not?  Who decides what breakfast food is versus lunch and supper?  Who decides what’s attractive and what’s unattractive in a society?  Who decides what proper mealtimes are?  I could go on and on!

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