Some of my happy memories:

  • Playing outside with Todd (age 4-5),
  • The time I had with my friend Eddie before he moved (age 11-12),
  • Playing ships, kick ball, freeze tag and detectives (age 9-12),
  • Being called for dinner (entire childhood),
  • My first horse (Fog),
  • My best dog (Dingo),
  • Time with my cousins (Carrie, Sherry, Lisa, Joe),
  • Going on vacation with my friend Lisa’s family (Blue Ridge Parkway, Williamsburg),
  • When each of my children were born (truly miracles),
  • All the little trips with my husband (Ray),
  • All the time with my grandchildren,
  • That time in the ocean on a jet ski in the middle of a school of dolphins,
  • That time it was snowing and I was in a hot tub outside,
  • Spotting the outline of St. Thomas in the distance

good memories.JPG

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