There are many things that I do not understand.  Here are just a few:

  • Intentional meanness,
  • Killing and violence as entertainment,
  • Laughing when someone gets hurt,
  • Betrayal of someone who loves you,
  • Loving someone who puts you last all the time,
  • Sports fans who scream and yell over a game,
  • Lying for no apparent reason or benefit,
  • When someone caught for a crime gets more sympathy than the victim,
  • How some people don’t like it when something good happens for someone else (haters),
  • How some parents don’t want their children to do better or have it better than they did,
  • Why people stay with people who hurt them over and over again,
  • Using positions of power, authority and trust for personal gain (deliberately),
  • Putting drugs, alcohol, money, work or anything else ahead of people you love and expecting them to understand,
  • Why we care about what strangers think of us

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