I wish I had listened…

  • to my mom when I was about 9 who told me not to wear my hair like that (on top of my head like Pebbles on the Flintstones)
  • to my mom’s friend when I was 11 who warned me “it will catch up with you” when I ate 15 burgers (sliders) at once
  • to my 6th grade teacher (Ms. Ramey) who advised us not to cross our legs (because it will cause damage to the veins in the legs)
  • to my cousin (Joe) who told me not to worry about my weight because “there are some people bigger than you and there are some people smaller than you”
  • to the customer I waited on in the restaurant I worked at in college who told me to never leave a job on a bad note (basically don’t burn your bridges)
  • t0 my friend, Mel, who told me to never call a man back who does not leave a voice mail (just a missed call)

wish i had listened

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