Is it just me or do people always want something when they act like they are going to be a friend.  It’s really getting old.  I generally stay to myself but somethings I begin to develop a superficial relationship with someone that I think maybe could develop into a friendship down the road.  It never happens. Inevitably when I’ve been friendly with someone for a little while they ask me to do something for them that is totally unreasonable.  That’s when I know they were just trying to take advantage of me the whole time under the guise of “friendship”.  This is how I feel and so far my experience has justified my feelings.  The most recent example is a lady at work.  We’ve been working together for several months and got along fairly well.  All of  sudden she casually comes into my office with her husband (who is a patient of our facility) and tells me to do something on my computer for her husband that not only is unethical but could end up costing me my job.  I did not hesitate to say, “nope–can’t do that”.  The look on her face was total shock.  I could tell she had greatly over estimated our “friendship”.  She quickly left and went to her own office to do what she asked me to do under her own name, using her own password and using her own computer.  I was feeling rather down about this like I have “stupid idiot” written across my forehead.  I was telling my husband about it and he had an even better experience the same day–a total stranger approached him in a store and because my husband has a veteran tag on the truck this person (who also claimed to be a veteran) asked him to co-sign with  him on a loan!  Can you believe it!  Sometimes you just have to laugh.

fake friends


  1. A true friend may go away, but when you see her/him again, you pick up the conversation like you have continued to be friends. Real friends have quality interest, but maintain their individuality. There is one friend that stays closer than a brother. I talk to Jesus more, because I am walking alone at times. I repent, and work hard to maintain my relationship with God. I believe Jesus made it possible to enter God’s throne room. This is my point of view, and I have stated it. I find comfort in knowing One who won’t disappear, and who is stead as a Rock.

      1. Friends are friends forever. You don’t have to converse with them for them to talk to you. They are friendly, and they speak with joy, delight, and surprise when you do call. A real friend will pick up talking with you after several years of silence. They will want to catch up. I know family members who are true friends. I don’t have to call them daily. I know other friends, who would love to hear from me, but both of us are busy. If they come to mind, I pray for them.

  2. I know the feeling. It has happened to me many times… your only good as friend once you do what they want and need at the moment. Your good for celebrations to pay drinks but once your down and need that shoulder to cry on they have no time for you! Shakespeare once said “if you want to lose a friend lend him money” that’s another thing those so called friends are good for!

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